These cards are about your unique, personal journey through life. Each person is on a Spirit Path, a Noble Quest to live their life as best they can. We each have our individual purpose, our work to complete while we are here. These cards can assist by making us aware of the choices and possibilities open to us.
How to use the Cards

The Noble Quest Oracle Cards contain a set of 5 decks. Separate and arrange the decks as below.

1. CROWN: the aim or intention of the Quest
2. CLOAK: the attitude to wear
3. STAFF: the possible action to take
4. CHALICE: the gifts you bring to the situation
5. LANDSCAPE: the path you are travelling

How to Perform a Reading
  • To start off the reading you may ask what sort of journey you are on or would like to be on at the moment? Also what would be useful to know about at this time? It could be about any area of your life such as work, home life, love life, spiritual connection etc. 

  • To do the reading, shuffle each deck and by not looking, select a card and place on top of that deck. If this reading is for another person they would do the shuffling and selecting. 

  • When each card is chosen start at the top, the Crown and read the card and the information. 

  • After reading all the information and using your own insights into the journey, if you feel the need, you may select another card from any or all categories to seek clarification.

  • Another way to use the cards is as a Vision board or a picture Quest of what you want to have in your life. You can do this by looking at and consciously choosing each card, using your own mind and will and heart. These cards can be a reminder of what you want to happen and how to get there. 

  • You may want to change them day by day to help focus on how you feel. You may use these cards in anyway that furthers your Noble Quest, your unique journey through life.

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