When I first had the idea for this Oracle deck I wanted to have other people involved. As the years went by, my daughter became a graphic designer, I came to see my sister as a treasure trove of insight and I realised my dad’s artwork was full of meaning. The collaboration on these Oracle cards became a family project. 

I am Susy Plummer, an Angel and Spirit Guide Artist, Transpersonal Art Therapist and Intuitive Art Teacher and Writer. I moved to Australia from the U.S.A. over 40 years ago and found my destiny in a small community outside the city of Sydney.


My daughter, Eleanore Plummer; musician, painter and graphic artist, has assisted with this project with her wisdom, gentle spirit and graphic design skills.  https://www.intuitivedrawings.com/  

My sister Penelope Starr, of Arizona; artist, writer, weaver of cloth and stories, was needed for her strong encouragement and editing talents. www.penelopestarr.com

Last, but not least, is our dear, departed dad and granddad, Gus Pawelka; artist, inventor, writer, and enthusiastic person. His watercolour landscapes are featured throughout The Noble Quest Oracle Cards. 

Dedication to Ruth Pawelka

I dedicate this project to my mother Ruth. She was an artist, jeweller, kind-hearted and creative woman. 

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